appdev made easy (ame)

Application Development (something i prefer to call “appdev”) is tedious enough when you’re not developing your software system with an IDE (integrated development environment). Asides my favourite language (JAvA), which will always remain open source, there are a few vendors providing free downloads and usage of their IDEs for appdev.

Gladly, Java has a number of opensource IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans, etc) which makes appdev easier with the language (assuming you’re familiar with it).

Unfortunately for other language users (PHP, Python, RonR [Ruby-on-Rails], etc), there are very few, if not none, open source IDEs available to make life easier.

Call it what you will, I don’t care but I prefer to get my hands dirty and my heads aching with appdev logic. What this means is that with languages like JAvA, despite being my fav and having gained certifications for it, have been tucked into my shelf, behind the glassware within waiting for the massive-project days.

Yes, sometimes I swim in its familiar waters using Eclipse (which remains the best IDE out here), but I have found that spark that I had the first time I wrote my first “Hello World” code – PHP. Apparently, the language isn’t really a programming language but hey!, who cares?

I feel great swimming in deep currents of code again and I’ve even found that PHP developers have tried to develop easy frameworks for appdev. One of such is “CodeIgniter”. You gotta give respect to the guys at Ellislabs for such a wonderful framework.

Since I first saw and tried out the framework, believe me, I have never let go. It has become an addiction to figure out new plugins, helpers, et-cetera that’ll make the framework better and OHHH YESSSSS!, did i develop a minimum memory footprint appdev framework sitting on CI (codeigniter).

Features of this pretty subramework (as i prefer to tag it) which i have named ame, pronounced ‘AIM’ includes;

user management, modular architecture, jquery integration, theme switching, grid-based CRUD, report generation, web services, the list is much more.

I have used this beauty to develop a few apps (education administration, events management, electronic medical records ) for clients and they love their apps.

I keep thinking of making it available on sourceforge,net in which case i’ll need to provide support for it.

Anyways, this is but a bit of what possibilities abound on this blogspot.

Been writing since last night, now its dawn again so i gotta catch a nap before daybreak.

Lights Out…


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