Apple’s Safari 5.1 – Excellent Browser Alternative

The guys at Apple Inc. are at it again! Step up your browser experience with the new Safari 5.1.

I use Firefox 3.5 for my “appdev” needs while google chrome remained my default browser. However, recently these two handsome guys started acting up. Funnily, their issues were quite similar; Browser shutdown during  a search engine (google, yahoo, bing) request; inability to download mail attachments (Firefox only); inability to refresh web content (Firefox only).

Well, I never bothered to check these issues out, especially for Firefox since i am comfy with my chromer (by the way, i was using version 2.x.x… poor choice wasn’t it?). Anyway, i finally decided to upgrade the chromer and that’s where i stumbled upon the light.

After successful update from chrome 2.x.x to 12.x.x, the handsome guy decided to go to sleep forever and never wake up… I was stranded.

Google Chrome has refused to run on my machine. All efforts to run chrome were futile; locate the installer and install manually (after removing the current installation of course); run the application directly (both as normal and privileged user); extract the installer content and run thence… nothing worked.

So i continued with the firefox guy only this time i wasn’t doing appdev, i just wanted to surf.

Then I saw it, just chilling in the corner of a page was a simple ad saying apple’s safari could run on a pc. Without a thought, i clicked away to the site, registered my email address, and got the installer. Installed the application and BAAAM, dragged a breath of fresh browser experience.

To spice it up, i installed extensions to improve my experience and here i am, blogging with the beauty.

Firefox and Chrome are my guys, Safari is my beauty.

You should use it.


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