Betwixt G+ (googlePlus) and fb (facebook)

Although 30 million users is still small compared to Facebook’s alleged 750 million users, does 30 million imply Facebook lost 30 million users? Or does it imply that 30 million users are simultaneously using both platforms to keep up with their friends and family?

The Christian Post launched an independent and unofficial online poll that has tallied 4,700 votes so far in order to better understand the behavior of online users using both Google+ and Facebook, or using only one of the two, or neither.

According to the poll measured by unique IP addresses, seven percent said they migrated completely to Google+ and closed their Facebook account; and 16 percent said “I don’t have Google+, spend all my time on FB but am searching for a G+ invite.”

According to the poll, Facebook still remains the top social networking site with 29 percent saying they have Google+ but still spend most of their social networking time on Facebook.


Here are the poll’s complete results:

I have Google+, but still use Facebook mostly. 29.35%
I have Google+, use it as much as Facebook. 11.47%
I use Google+ mostly and seldom use FB, an account I’ll close soon. 15.46%
I migrated to Google+, Facebook account closed. 7.59%
I don’t have Google+, spend all my time on FB but am searching for a G+ invite. 16.39%
I don’t have Google+, spend all my time on FB. No G+ migrate even if I had an invite. 8.19%
I don’t use Google+ or FB. 11.54%

In an earlier poll conducted by The Christian Post, more than 40 percent of 7,600 unique visitors thought Google+ would dethrone Facebook’s dominion over the social networking market while 40 percent believed that both Google+ and Facebook would co-exist without one toppling the other.


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