Spring is here

Oftentimes, software developments transits from being fun to becoming a nightmare. Personally, I have had days when the thought of switching to the Object-Oriented (OO) mode brings chills to my spine. But the truth still remains that being a software developer surpasses every challenge, every stumbling block, every last one of ’em. When a developer … Continue reading

Betwixt G+ (googlePlus) and fb (facebook)

Although 30 million users is still small compared to Facebook’s alleged 750 million users, does 30 million imply Facebook lost 30 million users? Or does it imply that 30 million users are simultaneously using both platforms to keep up with their friends and family? The Christian Post launched an independent and unofficial online poll that … Continue reading

Java 7: Evolution of Java – Revolution for the JVM

Java 7 is just around the corner with JDK 7 project  reaching the “Feature Complete (FC)” phase of software development cycle. What this means that development and QA have finished all the planned feature and test development work in the release. Up next, they will be testing and bug fixing on all supported JDK 7 … Continue reading

Securing Your Wordpress Blog

Image via Wikipedia Many WordPress users have very porous WordPress Installations that are very susceptible to exploitation by hackers. Here are some steps to secure your WordPress installation: Hide your plugins folder Anybody can gain access to your blog folders containing themes, uploads and plugins. This is a good opportunity for hackers to gain access … Continue reading

Betwixt Java Swing GUIs and XML Generated GUI

Coming Soon…

Apple’s Safari 5.1 – Excellent Browser Alternative

The guys at Apple Inc. are at it again! Step up your browser experience with the new Safari 5.1. I use Firefox 3.5 for my “appdev” needs while google chrome remained my default browser. However, recently these two handsome guys started acting up. Funnily, their issues were quite similar; Browser shutdown during  a search engine … Continue reading

appdev made easy (ame)


Application Development (something i prefer to call “appdev”) is tedious enough when you’re not developing your software system with an IDE (integrated development environment). Asides my favourite language (JAvA), which will always remain open source, there are a few vendors providing free downloads and usage of their IDEs for appdev. Gladly, Java has a number … Continue reading